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Jiangsu Uonone Lighting Co. Ltd

Offering a Wide Range of LED Light Sources
Jiangsu Uonone Lighting is a subsidiary of Jiangsu Uonone Electrics Group and is a high-tech enterprise integrating development, sale and installation of high-power LED light sources. We mainly focus on producing:
  • Street lights
  • Tunnel lights
  • High bay lights
  • Indoor lights
  • Landscape lights
  • Special LED lights

    Owning over 100 Patents
    We have strong R&D abilities because of our first-rate technicians who have collaborated with famous universities and hold unique advantages in the aspects of integrated packaging technology, driving power supply technology, radiating technology and appearance design of high-power LED light source with advanced product cost performance. In fact, we now own several invention, design and utility patents on over 100 items.

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    We have a complete industrial chain to ensure we can finish your one-stop sourcing and save more cost for you. To know more about our products and services, contact us today.

  • Haiteng Fluorine Plastic Product Factory

    Halteng Fluorine Plastic Product Factory In Yangzhong city Jiangsu Province is a ComPany that mainly produce polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE),nylon products and hydraulic pressure sealant. The company has been producing nylon Rod,nylon Tubes and nylon boards,as well as PTFE Rod, tubes and boards.

    The light weight and corrode-proof determine its replacement of copper and other metals In the fields of chemical engineering,machinery and sclentlflc Research etc,PTFE is a very important plastic breed, with High key can of c-f key in the PTFE forming its high stability,It can be corroded by no substance except alkali metals.The PTFE product produced in our company Including Rod,boards,tubes,chemical pipelines,sealant circles and machinery components that do not need Oil to lubricate.

    The products are widely used In electronic appliance Industry,chemical Industry,and mechanical Industry Etc.And we have won favorable comments both inside and abroad for many years,as well as the good graces paid by friends in the US,Mexico,Korea,etc.And our company will work even harder so as to bring our product and profits To a brand new stage.

    Let?s work together ,struggle together,make progress together,and succeed together.

    Zhenjiang Chunhuan Sealing Materials Group Co., Ltd.

    We Zhenjiang Chunhuan Sealing Materials Group Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer of PTFE products and related items in China. We are a member of the Chinese Chemical Industry Anti-Corrosion Association, Compressor Association and Fluorin Association.

    We have passed ISO9002 quality system authentication in 1999 and ISO9001 quality system authentication in 2002. We pay attention to our products quality, and the feedback from our clients especially from Europe has proved that we are on our right way.

    We offer competitive prices, good service after sale, guarantee for our products, good solutions for your problems based on our knowledge.

    With USD2,665,000 capital assets, we possess 25 sets of 25 to 5,000Mt auto hydraulic pressure equipment and 5 sets of flattening and turning equipment. We also own 6 sets of extrusion and pressing equipment, 20 sets of twisting and knitting equipment, and more than 20 lathes and milling machines. Covering an area of over 18,000 square meters, we have over 260 employees, 50 of whom are technicians.

    Our main products include the following:
    1) PTFE die pressed plates and hydraulic pressure turning plates whose widths are within 2 meters
    2) PTFE molding rods and tubing
    3) Pressed rods and tubing capillaries
    4) Die pressed square and quadrate plates within 1800 x 1800mm (using 5,000Mt press to produce those with specifications of over 600 x 600mm)
    5) All kinds of filled PTFE parts in oxygen-generator and compressor
    6) Packing sets and piston rings for 1 to 16Mt forging hammers
    7) Raw material strips and rods
    8) Elastic strips and rods
    9) Directional and un-directional film
    10) PTFE rubber interlayer spacers and wrap spacers
    11) PTFE and polypropylene steel liner pipes and tubing
    12) PTFE anticorrosion liners of all kinds of containers and PTFE knitting packing sets
    13) Metal twisted series
    14) Rubber series

    Our affiliated research institute employs several domestic senior experts to develop all kinds of PTFE products, PTFE filled goods and substitutes for imported machinery parts. Associated with Jiangsu University, one of the key universities in China, our Chunhuan Junior College was established in 2002 to foster talent and enhance our competitive ability.

    Ensuring high quality and good service, we sincerely welcome customers from home and abroad to contact us for future cooperation. Indicates information has been verified onsite by a certification specialist

    Yangzhong Pingli Fluorine Plastic Products Factory

    Yangzhong Pingli Fluorin Plastic Factory is a professional manufacture of PTFE and nylon products, such as sheets, rods, and seals. PTFE is an important kind of fluorin plastic because it has an especially high chemical stability and can not be eroded by any other chemicals, except alkali and flourin. Furthermore, it is a good insulating material and is used extensively in the electronic, chemical, and machining industry. Nylon has a high strength similar to iron, but with only 1/7 of the density of iron. It can be used in various instances as a substitute for iron, copper, or other metal materials.

    Our product line includes PTFE and nylon sheets, rods, tubes, ball valve seals, and piston seal rings. In addition, we can supply PU, PP, PDPE, and LDPE products. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and to make improvements to our products and production capabilities. We promise high quality products and unbeatable service. Please contact us for further information! Read the Assessment Report.pdf for more information Indicates information has been verified onsite by a certification specialist