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China Xinzheng All Stars Glow Toy Factory

Established in 1995, All Stars Glow Toy Factory is leading in the glow-toy-making field. After years of stable development, now we have become a large company with more than 200 employees and cover an area of 13,000 square meters.

We specialize in making fine chemical products, such as glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces, toys and over 100 other specifications. All our products have passed EN71 and ASTM tests. Besides, we also have 37 highly educated and experienced engineers and mangers to ensure our excellent products. Our annual production can reach over 300,000,000 pieces, so we can easily fulfill your large orders in very short time.

Our products are widely sold both home and abroad, and about 70% of them are exported to many countries and areas in the world, such as America., England, France, Germany, Korea, Singapore, Australia, India, and Arab states. Top quality goods, fine packages, fashion patterns, and first-class services, all of which have made our products good sellers in the world.

If you are interested in marketing these products at your end, please contact us without any hesitation. We will provide you the most suitable products, and hope to set up long term business relations with you.

Henan Green Compound Materials Company Ltd.

tAfter successfully listed on the main board of NASDAQ, Henan Green Compound Materials Company, Ltd. obtained concerns and supports from many investors who founded the project of 300,000-ton ultra-thin strip (or wide-strip) line and 200,000-ton electroplating plate line (including Tin-plated or Chrome-plated coils and sheets) to make sure they can be put into production ahead of time (in June 2011) with the approved amount of investment - 460 million Yuan. Currently, the production capacity of cold-rolled and high-precision steel strips (including Tin-plated or Chrome-plated coils and sheets) is 500,000 tons/year.n
With the highest dimension accuracy and stability and the best surface finishing and flatness, cold-rolled and high-precision steel strips from Henan Green Compound Materials Company, Ltd. have become the leading products throughout China. The minimum thickness of precision steel strips is 0.05mm. The minimum thickness of our leading products is even less than 0.26mm while the thickness precision reaches the standard of 0.003mm. Moreover, by means of raw material screening, rolling and mill processing, heat-treating and Chrome (or Tin) plating, we have met various requirements of cold-rolled steel strips (or plate) in these areas such as food cans and lids, metal packaging, electronics, communications, architectural interiors and exteriors, radiators and metal cabinets for furniture and enamelware. Now, nearly 40% of shielding devices in the fiber-optic cable for communication purposes come from Henan Green Compound Materials Company, Ltd. Also, products from Henan Green Compound Materials Company, Ltd. hold a great proportion in such markets as food (including beverage cans and caps of beer bottles) and metal packaging (ultra-thin steel plate and tinplate base plate) in chemical industry.n
We have a slitting line for raw materials, two pickling lines, six high-precision cold-rolling mills, six slitting lines for the finished products, five straightening machines, two degreasing lines, fifty-two bright annealing furnaces, three temper rolling mills and a chrome-plated line as well as experimental instruments including universal material testing machines, silicon-steel iron-loss meters, surface Rockwell Hardness testing machines, conductivity meters (digital), ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometers, precision acidimeters and C-S type coalition measuring apparatus.n

tIndicates information has been verified onsite by a certification specialist