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Huatek New Material Inc.

Huatek New Material Inc. was founded in 1966. We are one of the top fiberglass manufacturers in China and also the biggest special fiberglass manufacturer in China.

Huatek mainly produces E-fiberglass, hi-temperature resistant fiberglass, AR fiberglass, E/C glass tissue, fabric surface coating and FRP with platinum, rhodium and iridium processing. We annually produce 8000 tons of fiberglass yarn, 20 million square meters of fabrics, 50 million square meters of tissue and 500 tons of FRP. Our products are widely used in electronic, aerospace and electrical industries, and are also used as new-type wall materials, which are energy saving and environmentally-friendly. It's an important structural and functional material for the modern industry.

HuaTek New Material Inc.(HuaTek Fiberglass Co.,Ltd.) is a state owned large fiberglass enterprise and the biggest special fiberglass manufacture in China. HuaTek has more than forty years experience in fiberglass production.
Main products include:
Silica fiberglass: foundry filtration material of silica fiberglass, various techtextile, cord, continuous yarn, staple yarn, needled mat
E fiberglass: various fabric, filtration material of E fiberglass,multiaxial fabric.
AR fiberglass: marble, roving, chopped strand, scrim
Non-woven: tissue (for roofing, FRP, piping, battery separator, facing, PCB), stitch bonded mat, etc. . .
FRP: chair, high way separator board, irregular FRP process.

With the faith of "to win market with credibility, to satisfy the customer with quality, to polish the brand with creativity", our company is striving for our target of "setting up a famous special fiberglass manufacturer in China".

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