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Tonghua Changbai Mountain Medicine Group Co., Ltd.

Tonghua Changbai Mountain Medicine Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1985. The company is located at the foot of beautiful Changbai Mountain. There are five branch companies and thirteen nological consulting corporations in our group. Our products are omega 3 and omega 6 Series Balanced Formula Oil, planting of traditional Chinese medicines, Chinese patent drugs, health foods, organic bio-fertilizer, etc. The operation principle of our enterprise is "promoting development based on science and technology, shaping the flagship in the field". Our company has established close cooperation relationships with colleges and universities, and puts achievements in scientific research into products. Omega 3 and Omega 6 Series Balanced Formula Oil, which was developed by Xinjiang Medical University 15 years ago, has passed the evaluation of National Ministry of Science and Technology of China and has got national patent. It has been sold to many countries and regions all over the world. Our company is devoting ourselves to developing and expanding the sunrise industry and bringing benefits to people all over the world. Indicates information has been verified onsite by a certification specialist

Tonghua Petro-Chemical Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Tonghua Petro-Chemical Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (THpetro) is a trusted global supplier of oil field equipments and services with glorious history. Founded in 1958, THpetro was honored to become one of the earliest oilfield manufactures in China. In 1965, THpetro invented the "First Workover Rig" of People's Republic of China. In 2001, THpetro transformed to the First private company among Oilfield manufactures in China. After half a century, THpetro has become the leading supplier of oil field machineries in China, acting as key partner of CNPC and SINOPEC and expanding abroad "TH Rig" has covered all major Chinese domestic oil fields and exported to more than 20 countries across 5 continents. The company is headquartered in Northeastern China and branched out its service center into North America, Latin America, Russia and Africa.
TH Petro R&D team consists of more than 50 experienced experts and engineers, including the first-generation of China's petroleum mechanical experts, competent senior engineers and young petroleum mechanical talents. Product quality is guaranteed by skillful employees, over 500 fine-control machines, and sophisticated processes. We test our products in our high-standard inspection center and assess the performance in our simulated oil field before they are delivered to our clients. TH Petro uses its extensive experience to apply best available technology and the most appropriate solutions to meet customers' needs.
THpetro offers complete systematic oil-field solutions that meet our clients' needs. Through communication with customers and on-site research, we continuously innovate and modify products to help our clients to improve well service efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. The current product lines include workover & drilling rig series, oil field environmental protection equipment series, oil recovery machinery series and water well & mineral drilling machinery series.
TH Petro is capable of providing a broad spectrum of workover rigs with service depth from 1000 to 8000 meter, drilling depth 1000 to 3000m. To deliver first class customer service, we constantly develop special workover rigs through strong R&D capabilities to satisfy various customers' requirements. A series of innovative and Multi-function well service rig has been designed including "Live Well Workover Rig", "Electric Workover Rig", "Swabbing & Service Rig" as well as major XJ150-XJ750 (30t-160t) workover & drilling rig.
THpetro integrates the concept of energy conservation and environment protection into its product portfolio. The "Unitization Live Well Workover Rig" is a pioneer of combining the workover and snubbing service. "Flushing Fluid Truck" & "Sand Washing Truck" both focus on the water disposal technique to recover oil and recycle water for well flushing and sand washing service. Injected with modern technique, "Dewaxing Unit", "Flushby Rig", "Electronic Unplugging Unit" all feature the high service efficiency and top environmental protective capability.
The Front Aligning or Back Aligning Bailed Oil Truck is a specially designed Mobile Pumping Unit. It helps our clients to recover oil from edge well, stripper well and oil well that does not fit to lay pipelines. The Water Well Drilling Rig is mainly used for hydrological geology exploration. It also serves the purpose for detection of tunnels and ventilation holes. We have established footprint for the drilling rig now in water-scarce regions such as Middle and Southern Africa, Middle East, and Latin America.

Qualification & Certificate
ISO9001 Certification
ISO10012 Certificate for measurement management system
ISO14001 EMS Certification
OHSMS 28001-2001 Certification
API spec 4F, 7K, 8C

Indicates information has been verified onsite by a certification specialist