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Suzhou Wellpool Green Energy Building Material Co., Ltd.

Wellpool Green Energy Building Materials Co., Ltd : Carpets Division : is a cutting edge industry leader and product innovator in the carpet industry. Since 1981, Wellpool has been in the forefronts of bringing in the latest carpet manufacturing technology and machinery into Asia. With manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam, we are able bring to market a wide variety of carpets to fit every need.

Wellpool Carpet is committed to becoming an ever more environmentally friendly and sustainable manufacture of carpet and flooring products. We proudly achieve this through our manufacturing process to achieve better quality eco-friendly products with less pollutants and waste. We are committed to extending the boundaries of what is achievable. We are constantly striving to create new and improved products and services which provide even better solutions to our customers' needs.

In 2009, Wellpool made the initiative to becoming a green and sustainable carpet manufacture. We are one of the first to lead Asia and the rest of the world with an eco-friendly approach to carpet design and manufacturing with our EcoBAK, 100% PVC-FREE carpet tile backing. This carpet backing is made of a combination of cushion-back non-woven and natural rubber that is adhesive and chemical free in the manufacturing process. It gives you a softer, quieter, warmer and most importantly, a greener carpet.

Celebrating 30 years of knowledge and manufacturing experience in the carpet industry, Wellpool Carpets has earned itself a fine reputation as a premier carpet brand. Our products can be found today in offices, hotels, public buildings, banks, schools, retail shops, hospitals, and airports across the world. We welcome you to contact us for any inquiries on ANY carpet product and welcome you as our future customer!

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