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Shengxian Suppliers

Zhejiang Baili Shoes Industry Co.,LTD

Zhejiang hundred the footwear fashion co., LTD. Is specialized in the production of rubber rain shoes products of foreign-invested enterprises, company headquartered in shengzhou city economic development zone, zhejiang hundred the shoe industry limited company owns complete and scientific quality management system. Zhejiang hundred shoes industry co., LTD. Of integrity, strength and product quality obtain industry acceptance. Welcome friends from all walks of life come to hk, zhejiang footwear co., LTD. Visit, guidance and business negotiation. Zhejiang hundred industry was founded in 2003, after eight years of development of the existing 15 lines, more than 500 employees. Rain shoes daily output can reach 15000 pairs or big shoes children's shoes 2 w. Rubber boots are exported to the americas, Europe, Africa, South Korea, Japan.

Shengzhou SKL Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd

SKL was founded in 2009 in Shengzhou, China, and has since developed, manufactured and marketed ultrasonic scalers to dentists and hygienists around the world.With strong background of technology, owing to 3 years' preparation on R&D of scalers, SKL developed very fast. In March,2010, SKL moved to SCI&TEC park, and the staffs counted to 20.During May, it got Patent for the product series of K model.In the same year, it got CE certificate, ISO 13485 and Registration Certificate of Republic of China. Today, SKL is one of the best professional manufacturer of ultrasonic scaler.Everyday, thousand of dental clinics are using SKL's products. In order to exercise the professional care and diligence due in the medical professions, it is essential to implement reliable and effective hygienic products. This is exactly the responsibility of industry. The staff at SKL is devoted to develop products with superior efficiency, outstanding ergonomic design and a high level of hygiene. The products are designed in close cooperation with dental practitioners to ensure that they are developed for the needs of the dentist and the comfort of the patient. Smiling Kiss Life------SKL is more than a partner or trusted brand------Enjoy life with your good friend......