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  • Shangqiu topology trade co., LTD., located in the three business, the source of mulan, the hometown of SuiRenShi the birthplace of the simulated flight - shangqiu of henan province in China. Is a main steel tape, auxiliary hardware tools, we do business in this field for ten years, and cooperate with many foreign brands for many years, such as hello, crown, fox, FAMOSI WG, and so on. Companies adhering to the "big dealer in Germany, sincere friends, mutual benefit and win-win" business philosophy, welcome to negotiate! The contact:: John li Email:toponchina@163.com
  • Zhecheng Hong Xin Machinery Factory is specialized in machines used to make charcoal, including barbecue charcoal and charcoal made from sawdust. Our company was established in 1990, with 120 staff members, including 12 technicians for research and development. Our company is located in the capital of Henan Province - Zhengzhou which is the center of business and economy.
    1.wood working machinery
    wood chipper,wood cutter,wood debarker,cotton stalk cutter,straw crusher,bamboo crusher,sawdust machine,mushroon wood hammer mill,drum chipper,wood wool making machine,wood shaving machine,wood flake machine,shaving machine,wood wool,thicknesser,surfacer,compass plane,wood shavings,shavings,excelsior,wood wool,excelsior tissue paper,bamboo shaving,scobs,wood chips,Flakes,keyway planer,spokeshave,shearer,embossing calender,shartle machine,wood paring machine,wood shaving machine,wood flaking machine

    2.Briquette press machine
    charcoal briquette machine,sawdust briquette machine,iron metal briquette machine,mineral salt brick press forming machine,bio mass briquette machine,sawdust hay coco fiber baling machine,compress machine,pellet briquette press ,ring die pellet machine,

    3.Farm machinery hay baling machine
    ,hay cutter,crop cutter,ensilage cutter,forage cutter,chaff slicer,straw breaker,straw shredder,chaff cutter,chaff cutter knife,straw cutter with feeder,hand straw cutter,guillotine ,wheaten chaff,guillotine knife grinder,hand shear cutting machine,knife folding machine,guillotine shears ,guillotine-type cutting machine,guillotine bar shear,lawn mower,grass cutter ,hay tedder,nut-cracker,gate shears,hay spreader,slotter,hay pelleter,grassland,motor mower with binder attachment,motor mower,combined tedder-and-side rake,chain-type side-rake for motormower,tedder,buckrake hay stacker,cutrake,green gathering and piling machine,fodder chopper,hand hay cutter,straw chopper,weed ,pullrake,guillotine costotome,shredded fodder,grass hay press,swath turner,hay-loader,tonsil guillotine

    4.Nut processing machinery
    peanut sheller,walnut sheller,cashewnut sheller,peanut peeler,cashewnut peeler,peanut butter machine,almond sheller and peeler,peanut roaster,cleaner,stoner.
    Vegetable processing machine vegetable washing machine,vegetable cutter,onion peeler,galic peeler,onion slicer,onion strip packing machine,

    5.Fruit processing machine
    fruif peeler,fruit cutter,banana slicer,orange peeler,orange washing machine,orange juicer ,juice screw extractor,juice seperator,homogenizer,Sterilization machine,filtering machine
    packing machinery filling machine,shrinking packing machine,oil filling machine,pallet wrapper
    pencil machine,mosquito coil machine,chalk machine

    6.Animal Feed machines
    mineral salt licking block brick press machine,floating fish feed pellet machine,animal feed briquette press,feed crusher and mixer,bird feed pelletizer,slige cutter

    "Quality, Price, Time and Service" is the tenet of our business.
    "Credit, Reposal, Negotiation and Cooperation" is our standard.
    "Solidity, Creation, Factuality and Dedication" is the spirit of our company.

    TEL:0086-371-87513089 0086-371-65863108
    0086-371-87513195 0086-371-65863109

    FAX: 0086-371-65863109

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Yongcheng Zongwei leather products Co., Ltd.

Wing city zongwei Leather Products Co., Ltd. The main products: leather gloves processing, marketing and other products. Leather gloves as a business processing and marketing enterprises, we always uphold the integrity and help customers, persist in using their services to impress customers. Our company is in Henan Province, Henan Province, if there is a friend I welcome to visit our company to guide the work, the specific address is: Wing City Street, Xicheng District, No. 62 labor. If you are interested in our products, you can also submit purchase directly online information we will promptly contact you.

Shanghai Realmus Industry co.,ltd

Realmus Industry The Private Label Experts specializes in Private Labeling SAFE, EFFECTIVE, ADVANCED dietary SUPPLEMENTS. At present, the company consists of two wholly owned subsidiaries, Namely, SHANGHAI REALMUS INDUSTRIAL CO.,lTD AND SHANGQIU REALMUS IMPORT & EXPORT TRADING CO., LTD. and Our strategy is to focus on the needs of our customers and provide top quality formulas for clients large and small.

Our distinctive market advantage is to offer private labeling, custom formulation and quality nutritional supplements including over 1200 in house formulas with many products being available in capsules, tablets, powder drink mixes, liquid spray and topical patches.

When you partner with us you are benefiting from the many years of experience we offer in the nutraceutical supplements industry. Our commitment to you is to work with your company to bring expert resources to every step of your product development, manufacturing, packaging and distribution process.

Additional benefits we offer:
* First-class product quality
* First-class service
* More competetive price
* Most safe and effective dose
* Fastset turn around time In the Industry- 7-10 business days
* Private labeled in the China
* Professional Label Design
* Drop Shipping/ Blind Shipping
* Fulfillment Services
* Label Design Services
* Printing Of labels
* Product Specialist Team Leader (PSTL)
* 24 Hr Professional Service- Via Email

To get started in developing a new product, cloning an existing formula, or private labeling any of our stock formulas, please give us a call, or send us an email to create an account so you can access our Private Label product lineup, minimum order requirements, and wholesale pricing.


Shangqiu Haotian Environment Protection Machinery Equipments Co., Ltd.

Shangqiu Haotian Environment Protection Machinery Equipments Co., Ltd. is the company that professionally researches the technology to refine fuel oil from scrap rubber, waste plastics and waste oil. Our unique technology of using waste materials (scrap rubber, plastics and oil) as raw materials to extract fuel oil has been certified by National Environmental Protection Department and has gained six patents.

Our company was formed in 2001 and registered in 2009. The scientific research from 2001 to 2008 had established a firm foundation for our company. Our company is located in Shangqiu City - the junction of four provinces (Henan, Shandong, Anhui and Jiangsu).

Since the continuous-type refinery installation was pushed to the market, we have received customer's identification. This equipment adopts complete automatic feeding and slagging devices, and has a large amount of features, such as environmental-protection, high automation, good safety and easy operation. This type of equipment enhances the productive force greatly and achieves a mount of 20 tons within 24 hours, abandoning the shortcoming of being unable to produce continuously. Our plant has won better economic efficiency for the customers and provided powerful technical support.

The matching vacuum distillation device can improve the quality of fuel oil from waste materials (waste rubber, scrap plastic) as well as waste crude oil, coal tar and almost all liquid chemicals. Single production line can deal with raw materials from 4 tons to 80 tons. Based on the needs of customers, we are providing small batches of intermittent production equipment and high-volume continuous production equipment.

Based on the idea of "eliminating black-and-white rubbish, benefiting future generations", we are promoting the spirit of "people-oriented, focusing on artificial cultivation, independent research and practicality" actively in order to meet customers' demands for the highest goal and pursing the harmony of efficiency and development.

With the tireless efforts, the technique is improved gradually. Our company will do our best to make greater contribution for the world!

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Shangqiu Haiqi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Henan Business Shang Qiu HaiQI Machinery Co., Ltd. is specialized in energy, environmental protection, energy saving technology development and related product development, production and sales of high-paying technology companies. The company is located in the Eurasian Continental Bridge, the Longhai Railway, Beijing-Kowloon railway, 310 national highway and 105 national highway cross the double gold Shangqiu City. Beautiful environment and rich resources and strategic location, there are six universities, several research institutions. The company with a number of universities and scientific research institutes to establish a broad partnership.

The company has fixed assets of 800 million yuan, plant 5,000 square meters, all kinds of processing machinery and more than 50 sets of sophisticated equipment, office of 600 square meters, existing staff 160 people, including 6 senior engineers, senior technicians, 9, 30 technicians. A perfect warm water and electricity facilities and advanced research equipment and perfect testing method. In recent years, the company adapting to the domestic situation and development needs of national industrial policy, is committed to energy saving technologies and products, development and utilization of several years of hard work, the source application of bio technology and supporting equipment R & D breakthrough has results of successful R & D of biomass pyrolysis gas multi-function machine, a new multi-functional biomass gasification gas supply system, heating system, coal particles of straw biomass equipment, part of the declaration of a national patent, and obtained many certificates and honors certificate, form a complete independent intellectual property rights system.

The series of successful development of technology and equipment, will become the renewable energy development and application of the model can not only make full use of biomass resources in rural areas, greatly improving the rural environment, and resources to achieve sustainable development and improve the rural energy structure and the industry chain, to accelerate China's new energy and renewable energy usage and penetration. Will save a lot of non-renewable energy resources for the community to bring about significant environmental and economic benefits.

The company keep the "integrity, dedication, pragmatism, innovation, win-win business philosophy to create value for the customers, to customers satisfaction, in the process of economic globalization, the rapid development of the world today, we will be full of enthusiasm sincerely look forward to joining the elite circles and cooperation, and jointly create a splendid, bright future Authenticated and Audited.


Our factory is a professional lighter producers which also is the biggest one in our Henan province . there are 600 workers in our factory ,we will produce more than 80 million lighters every year .about 50 million electronic lighter ,30 million flint lighters . we will do our best to serve all of our clients ,and we export lighters to all over the world ! You are so welcome here !

Zhongyu Equestrian & Garments Co., Ltd.

Zhongyu Equestrian & Garments Co., Ltd. is a joint venture enterprise with a Taiwan Group Company owned by Mr. Liu Ruhai. We are the general producer and are famous for Australia merino sheepskin products in China.

Located in the west of Zhengzhou, Henan Province, built upon about 37,000 square meters of land property, with more than 200 employees, we have been a leading manufacturer and exporter of horse riding products and baby products in China since 1985. Specialized in manufacturing sheepskin items which are ideal for outdoor activities, we provide a wide range of products including:

-1 Saddle pads: high standard merino lambskin saddle pad; fleece saddle pad; cotton pad; suede pad; mesh pad

-2 Baby products: baby sleeping bag, medical skin for floor mat, cushion and blanket, and spring lamb long hair skin for decoration use

-3 Shoes and gloves which are very popular in Europe and the USA

Our materials are in compliance with SGS standard and according with American and European countries. We have been always placing customer's satisfaction at our top priority through a series of measures to ensure the highest quality.

In addition, we devote ourselves to developing pleasant working conditions and social welfare systems for our employees. We have had stable long term cooperation with many world-famous brands.

If you need a reliable supplier for a long-term business relationship in China, you are in the right place! We appreciate your interest in our company. Your inquiry and orders will have our utmost attention and care.

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Shangqiu Jinyuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

We can design and manufacture machines and equipments according to the raw materials to meet different requirement, to maximize customers's profit and reduce the cost .

Shangqiu Jinyuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is the first domestic professional institute in the treatment and utilization of waste resources (waste plastics, waste rubber and waste oil).

We locate in the junction of Beijing-Kowloon line and the Longhai Line, and in the city of Shangqiu, the cradle of business, businessman and business culture. With the convenient transportation and rapid economic development, our company has been a research and development-related equipment manufacturing enterprise. According to the actual national conditions, we enhance advantages and avoid disadvantages, base ourselves upon actual condition of the producing technology.

The general engineer and the general manager of our company --- Mr. Niu Yongchao has about 28 years experiences in the design, development and manufacture of the oil-extracting field by pyrolysis plants or distillation from the waste rubber (tyres) and plastic products and used engine oil, crude oil, fuel oil. And Mr. Niu is named as the "Oil King" or the "First One in oil filed" in our Province.

On the basis of years' technical research, we adopts the thermal catalytic decomposition of domestic original New Process, cooperate and co-design the "Shangqiu JinYuan Series' environmental-friendly energy-saving and oil refining equipments" with Zhengzhou Chemical Medicine Engineering Designing Institute, which owns oil chemical-industry designing certification.

Less investment in equipment, efficient performance and simple production process are the biggest advantage of my company. According to the actual situation in every country and district, we developed capacity series of machines for disposing scrap tire and plastic, including 4 tons, 6 tons, 10 tons, 20tons and 30 tons of different units.

Cooperate with Dr. Han Li, the expert from Melbourne of Australia, we have researched and developed a series of pyrolysis machines suitable to different districts and investment requirements, as well as a series of highly efficient catalyst for cracking crude oil and distillation equipments.

Our products have been exported to Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, West Africa and Taiwan district, etc.

Nowadays, we have been awarded a number of national patents and honors, such as CE environmental management system certification. Our company adopts top technology to thoroughly change the pollution and waste situation, paying more attention on the reutilization of resources and the harmless treatment of the municipal solid waste. "Great output, low energy consumption, high-quality oil", it ranks among the best of the world. Through unremitting efforts and the gradual improvement of technology, our equipments have been exported to Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Pakistan, Africa and other countries, enjoying high reputation in the international market.

During difficult start-up and development, the people of Jinyuan are increasing innovation and adhering to the spirit of enterprise- "good faith, base on the actual". We set strict demands on ourselves. "For the sake of the customer, to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence, promoting common development," is our service purpose.

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Yucheng County Shengxia Measuring Tool Co., Ltd.

Yucheng ShengXia Measuring Tool Co., LTD was founded in 2002 .We are specialized in producing different models of steel measuring tapes with range of length from 1 to 100 meters in different width. Our company has a strict quality control system which makes every product is qualified , so we enjoyed great prestige from customers at home and abroad by superior quality and good after -sales service. Our products have been exported to all over the world like Europe, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa and so on.
Our Company lays stress on scientific management and technology innovation ,this make our company keeps steadily developing. Our the ISO9000 quality system authentication in Feb. of 2006.
The concept of "assembling talents of the trade, pursuing the policy of honesty and trust, achieving to the aim of pioneer of measuring tape" is taken as the basis of our enterprise-culture, which promotes the development of our enterprise. The staffs of Sheng Xia measuring tool Co., LTD will pay great efforts to master the essence of modern manufacturing technology, and try our best to supply high quality products and service for the customers.
You could immediate adoption our products and customized is also welcome!
Welcome you cooperate!
Contact:Alice. zhang

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Henan Qirui Food Co.,ltd

Company Profile
Henan Qirui Food Co., Ltd., located in Xiayi Industrial Cluster Zone, is a large leading agricultural enterprises ,mainly engaged in research and development, cultivation, processing and sales. It possesses a unique geographical location with Lianhuo highway Xiayi Exit only 500 meters from our company. Our main products are mushrooms,Canned fruits,quick-frozen food and so on.

1.Our company was founded in October, 2009, with an area 160000 square meters and the fixed assets investment totaled 360 million Yuan. This company now has 10 production lines on canned food and 2 production lines on quick-frozen food, in which the day processing capacity of canned food can reach to 200 tons, and the yearly processing capacity on mushroom canned food amounts to 50,000 tons,fruits and vegetables canned food amounts to 26,000 tons,on the quick- frozen food amounts to 30,000 tons.
2.As for our honors: This company is granted the project which has the most investment value on the deep processing of the edible fungus by the world outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs investors Association .This company is also granted the leading corporation of agriculture industrialization by the people's government of Henan province. As a result , Xiayi county wins the honors Advanced demonstration county (the national small mushroom of new socialist countryside) and The home of chinese edible fungus
3. Here we also want to say more about our chairman Mr.Cheng.He is one of the brokers in 100 people voted in the first national agricultural products brokers .He is an excellent private entrepreneur of Henan province.He is one of the ten figures working on agriculture,countryside and peasant in Henan province.He is one of the rural practical talents in Henan province.He is Shangqiu second three and four session of National People's Congress
4.Led by Chairman Cheng Piqi, our company which insists the enterprise culture of improving development with scientific outlook, exploring market with superior quality, making miracles with excellence, creating world fame with brand reputationhas developed the way of cooperation between bases and companies and the economic scale is expanding on a yearly basis,grow rapidly in international development tide.
Qirui is looking forward to cooperating with trading companies and end users in food industry home or abroad. Indicates information has been verified onsite by a certification specialist