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Raoping Yong Huang Metal Products Manufactory Co., Ltd.

tRaoping Yong Huang Metal Products Manufactory Co., Ltd. originally began as Raoping Yong Huang Fishery Products Manufactory. The change in name is a result of growth in both production scale and variety of product types. We currently have RMB6,000,000 in registered capital and specialize in lead products, lead alloys and fishery products. Yong Huang Metal Products Manufactory Co., Ltd. is located in Raoping county, which is the eastern entry point Guangdong province. This is an area with convenient and efficient transportation solutions.n
We have more than 10 years experience in manufacturing lead, tin, and zinc products. On our factory floor we have tools for merging, punching, extruding, centrifugal merging, lead plummet molding, lead or zinc rope weaving as well as drawing. We have also developed many types of special equipment in-house. We can produce almost any lead-tin product.n
Most of our products can be divided into the following categories:n
1) Lead rope, tin rope (ropes used for weighting curtains or fishing nets,n
wrapped with polyamide fiber or polyester)n
2) Lead sinkers for fishing nets or fishing perchesn
3) Arts and crafts plated in gold or silvern
4) Lead products for buildings e.g. lead pipesn
5) Lead fusesn
6) Tin soldern
7) Lead balancing weights for toys, electronics, and sporting goodsn
8) Lead sinkers for diving (plastic coated)n
9) Radiation shieldingn
10) Gutter electroplates for acidsn
11) Various types of fishing, drag, and bird netsn
We can produce samples for your confirmation in 2 to 5 days, made to your specifications. We also manufacture products for fishing such as: fishing perches, fishhooks, and fishing line.n
We always conduct our business with integrity, have strong production ability, deliver goods on time and offer reasonable prices. It is because of this that we have established such good business relationships with clients at home and abroad. We encourage you to contact us by phone, fax or email, and look forward to developing a mutually beneficial relationship with you in the future.tIndicates information has been verified onsite by a certification specialist