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Jingning Qingyuan Fruit And Vegetable Trade Co., Ltd.

Hometown of China Apple

Jingning country is located in the west of China, the altitude rough 1344-2245 meters , the sunlight about 2238.2 hours and the annual average temperature 8.3 centigrade.
Our country annual rainfall is 478.3 mm , the features are "Layers deep, four distinct seasons, sufficient sunlight, temperature difference, without pollution".

Jingning Qingyuan Fruit And Vegetable Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. Our company's address is Nanmen village, Renda, Jingning county, Gansu Province, China. Our company covers 6660 square meters, 5000 tons storage in 8 coolstores.
Our main business includes: fruit and vegetable purchase, storage, processing and marketing.

Currently, our orchards rough 27000 square meters, main fruit including Fuji apple, Qinguan apple, Huaniu apple, pears and other fresh fruit. Crisp, delicious with high VC content in our fruit, still now, we have more than 10 countries and district customer s from the world, including Southeast Asia, Middle east, East Europe and so on.

In 2001, the China State Forestry Administration named Jingning as "Hometown of China's apple", and we have won the "China Famous Fruit" title. Jingning Apple has high quality and delicious taste. Welcome to visit our orchards and discuss business cooperation. Indicates information has been verified onsite by a certification specialist