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Gansu Jiuquan Ok Seed Machinery Co., Ltd

Gansu Jiuquan Ok Seed Machinery Co., Ltd is a manufacturing enterprise of seed and farming by-product processing equipments for the integration of technique research, production, marketing and trade and industry. With more than 50 years fabrication experience, the company is a key enterprise in agricultural machinery industry, and it is also the first manufacturer of seed processing machinery with professional research and production in China. Products of our company have won national silver medal and famous brand in Gansu;???ok seed machinery??? has been named as Gansu famous brand. The company is identified as national high-tech enterprise and awarded with ???May 1 Labor Metal??? and ???Group of Work Pioneer??? by All-China Federation of Labor. President of company is named as vice president of World Breeding Machinery Association China Branch, chairman of China Seed Processing Committee, first vice president of China Agricultural Machinery Association and seed and grain processing association. Ten series of products developed and manufactured by our company, including seed cleaning equipments, drying and storing equipments, electric control system and metering and packing equipments, totally more than 300 products and covering the further processing for seed,grain,vegetable and flower, grass and agricultural by-product, are sold throughout the country and exported to more than 30 foreign countries, such as France, Spain, Netherlands, Israel, Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia, Jamaica and Korea.