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Jiangyou Longhai Special Steel Co., Ltd.

Jiangyou Longhai Special Steel Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, Which is located in the great poet- Libai's hometown - Jiangyou City, Mianyang, Sichuan Province. We enjoy convenient transportation, with Bao-cheng Railway, Jiuzhai Tourism Road and Cheng-Mian-Guang Freeway.

Our company has a complete set of advanced modern technological equipment for smelting, machining, product analysis and testing. We offer special steel and titanium alloy products. Our equipment includes billet casters, high precision alloy steel bar and strip coil rolling mills, ultra-high-power electric arc furnaces, CKW 2000-ton vacuum induction furnaces, refined-smelting ladle furnaces, precision seamless steel tubes, 825 rolling mills and titanium alloy production equipment.

Our main products are heavy plates, hot rolled strip coils, hot and cold rolled stainless steel sheets, high speed wire rods, special steel round bars, totally 12 series and more than 350 varieties with nearly 5000 specifications.

Longhai will make full use of our comprehensive advantages of our processing equipment, brand strategy and modern logistics to optimize our product structure, promote technological innovation, pay close attention to reducing cost and improving efficiency, innovate marketing mechanism and expand the markets with great efforts. Thus, our production operation has remained a good momentum of development.

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Sichuan Liuhe Forging Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Liuhe Forging Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangyou city of Sichuan province, which is an important special steel base of China. Our company was established in April 2004 with the registered capital of RMB57.2 million.

We are equipped with 20MT & 3MT non-vacuum induction furnaces, 1.5 MT vacuum induction furnaces, 25MT AOD, 25MT VD, 25MT LF, 5 ESR furnaces, 2000MT forging press, 750kg hammers, 1MT hammers, 3MT hammers, 4MT hammers as well as complete sets of machining and testing equipment and facilities.

Our company is a specialized producer of heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and super alloy forged bars and forgings for blades, rotors, stiffening rings, bolts, etc., for supercritical, ultra-supercritical and nuclear power turbine units. Our products are widely accepted by large steam turbine plants and their matching enterprises as well as some aerospace and military enterprises in China.

We are ISO9001 certified and well organized.

Liuhe is expecting the cooperation with you for mutual achievements.

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Jiangyou Xin Chuan Steel Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

tJiangyou Xin Chuan Steel Materials Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. Our company is located in the Industrial Park of Jiangyou City, Sichuan Province, China, covers an area of 30 acres, with beautiful environment. Xin Chuan is specialized in manufacturing and processing many kinds of special steel products (various types of forging products, hot rolled round bars, hot forging round bars, pipes, steel sheets, etc.) which have been widely used in nuclear energy, thermal power generation, wind power equipment, chemical, petroleum, aviation, aerospace, military, mechanical, steam turbine and other industries. And we provide the services of Boring, turning, Milling, Shaving, Sawing and other kinds of mechanical processing services. Meanwhile our company has strong heat treatment capabilities and technical capacities. We also provide customers with annealing, normalizing, tempering, quenching, and other heat treatment solutions as per customers' requirements.n
According to the national standards, we provide customers with various special steel products, including Carbon structure steel, Alloy structure steel, Spring steel, Alloy tool steel, Die steel, Bearing steel, Stainless steel, Super alloy steel and high temperature alloy steel. We are qualified to produce special steel products which conform to such standards as GB, JB, YB, AISI, ASTM, JIS, DIN, EN and other overseas and domestic standards of quality special steel products.n
Xin Chuan has a set of quick forging rolling mills ranging from 45mm to 50mm from PanGang Group. We provide all kinds of special steel products. The sizes of different products are following:n
Round bars: 080~800*~15000mmn
Blocks: 20~ 800*200~1500*~6000mmn
Discs: 0~3000 (the Net weight 0~30 Tons single)n
Rings: ~03000 (the Net weight 0~30 Tons single)n
Cylinders: ~01500*~8000 (the Net weight 0~30 Tons single)n
Stepped shafts: ~01500*~6000 (the Net weight 0~30 Tons single)n
Up to 2011, we have had 3 sets of heat treatment equipments, mainly including Full fiber trolley type resistance furnaces RT4-1300-12 (sizes: 8200*2200*1860, temperature: ~1200C), Full fiber trolley type resistance furnaces RT4-850-12 (sizes: 3500*2500*2000, temperature: ~1200C), Full fiber trolley type resistance furnaces RT4-260-12 (sizes: 2000*1400*1200, temperature: ~1200C),solution tank (Length: 12000*, width: 6000*, Height: 5000) and Oil-Like media pools (Length: 8400*, width: 2500*, Height: 4500). Besides we have inspection equipment and provide testing services for macroscopic structures, mechanical properties (Tensile strength, Yield strength, Elongation, Elongation after reduction, Impact, etc.), Microscopic structures, Hardenability, Tower shapes, Ultrasonic examination and other physical inspections' requests. Therefore, Xin Chuan fully guarantees the appearances and the quality of our special steel products, also guaranteeing the internal performances. The inspection items also include Chemical Composition, Mechanical properties (Tensile strength, Impact and Hardness), Microscopic metallurgical testing (Non metallic inclusion pieces, Metallographic microstructures and Crystal grain sizes) and Macroscopic Metallographic non-destructive testing.n
To sum up, we will continuously insist on the business policy of "Honesty Based, Credit Priority, Mutual Benefits and Common Development". With excellent equipment and strictl management, we provide customers with the best products and services at a competitive price. We are expecting to cooperate with you sincerely.t

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Jiangyou Changxiang Special Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Changxiang Special Steel Manufacturing Co. is located in Jiangyou City of Sichuan with convenient transportation. With mature industrial circumstances, rich water& power resources, we have absolute competitive edges.
Our company established in 8,2006 which covers 110,000 m2 including 36,000 building land and three branches as Steel,Forging,Rolling plants and RD.With complete supporting facilities of Smelting,Forging,Rolling,Casting,Heat Treatment,Machining,Measuring,Quality Inspection,we can provide forging,rolling for industries of power,petroleum,chemical,boiler,mould,machinery,vessel, automobile,steam turbine,aviation,military etc.Existing staff of more than 300 people,with rich technology resouces.Changxiang established strict and efficient management system.And we have been authorized by GB/T19001-2000 and ISO9001:2000.We are "Key Industrial Enterprise" of Jiangyou City and honored "Little Giant Enterprise" of Sichuan.
Up to 2009,we have completed Phase 1, 2, 3 Projects, total 96 sets of equipments, mainly including 4 sets of 4T and 1.5 T Non-Vacuum Induction Furnaces,5 sets of 0.5-5 T ESR Furnaces,1 set of 1600 T of water Press,1 set of 5 T Electric Hydraulic Hammer,5 sets of Heating Furnaces,3 sets of Heat Treatment Furnaces,3 sets of Round Bars Buffing Machines& Peeling Machine,5 sets of Machining Processing Facilities, 4500T Fast Forging water Press Line,850mm Blooming Mill 450mm/250mm Finishing Mill production line, 25 T EAF 30T LF Furnace 30T VD Vacuum Furnace.And have gone through acceptance of environmental protection. Annual productivity of large scale forging& rolling parts is 10,0000T,Heat Treatment 80,000 T and Single Forging Part will be up grade to 80 T Steel Ingot. After completion of Phase 3 Project, Changxiang has more competitive edges, and achieves first-level of special steel industry.
Since three years ago,we insisted in research and dedicated to "Changxiang" Brand Construction,cooperated successfully with Harbin Electric Power,providing largest domestic ultra supercritical valve forging which changed the history of importing from UK. We make perfect research on SA-335P91 large scale valve body forging and technical indicates have reached the same level of importing products, our price is just one third of its. Nowadays our products have been adopted widely in HEP. We produce Tank, Submarine Shaft for military as well. Changxiang has successfully developed Nuclear Power Steel such as 316L,316N. We have done great contribution to China first Wind Power Generator.
At Present, we are qualified to provide all kinds of SS Products. And we can produce them conform to Standards as GB,JB,YB,GJB, USA's AISI,ASTM,ASME,SAE, Japan's JIS, Germany's DIN,W-Nr, France's NF, UK's BS, Sweden's SS and European's EN Standard. Changxiang is in the leading position of domestic special steel industry.
Our main four categories:
(1)Boiler, Power Station Forging and Boiler Boom Rolled Steel. Main contains USA ASME series of SA-P91,P92,P22,P12,WB36(15NiCuMoNb5) and 42CrMo5-6 and so on.
(2)Mould Forging and Hot-Rolled Sheet. Major materials covers H13,D2,S136,718,NAK80,P20,410,420 and other trade marks.
(3)Steam Turbine Forging&Rolled Sheet:2Cr12NiMo1W1V(616 Series ), 0Cr17Ni4Cu4Nb(17-4PH),1Cr12Mo, 20Cr1Mo1VNbTiB(206), 25Cr2Mo1VA,40Cr2Ni2Mo etc.
(4)Other forging and rolling.High Manganese Green Steel Series GH1015~GH4169,Senior Carburization Shaft Steel Series G20CrNi2MoA,G20Cr2Ni4A,High Speed Tool Steel 9341/3241/4341/6542,Cr Stainless Steel SUS410/420,Ni Stainless, Super Low Carbon, Two-Phase Stainless Steel.
Changxiang always lay stress on quality& market strategy, and has established wide sales network.
To sum up, Changxiang will continuously insist in high-quality, technology innovation. Furthermore, we will broaden and deepen international market, Changxiang will be certainly full of vigor and vitality.
For this, we are expecting cooperating with you sincerely!

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Jiangyou Taisheng Metal Industrial Co., Ltd.

tJiangyou Taisheng Metal Industrial Co., Ltd., located in Jiangyou City in Sichuan Province of China, is an international material trading company which was established in 1998. We have achieved billions of annual sales through 13 years' management and development. Our company has been continuously awarded as "Advanced Taxpayer" cooperation by Tax Administration Agency. We were also certificated as "Following Contract and Observing Credit" Enterprise by the Administration For Industry And Commerce. Taisheng Metal is a key distributor for Changcheng Special Steel Co., Ltd. of Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group Corporation (one of the Four Biggest Special Steel Groups in China).n
Our main products are steel bars, tubing flats, wires and strips of a variety of special stainless steel (heat-resisting and anti-corrosion), high and low temperature alloy, carbon steel, alloy structural steel, tool steel and die steel, springs, and bearings. Our products are widely used in petroleum, aerospace and nuclear industries and machining centers. We are the qualified material supplier for China Second Heavy Machinery Group, China Aviation Group, China Aerospace Industry, China Air Force Armament, China Nuclear Industry, Equipment Manufacturing Department, Oilfield Products Manufacturing and Global Sourcing Co., Ltd. and so on.n
Our Strength:n
World-class Facility Advanced Technology Integrated Testing Systemt

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