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  • Our company located in Anhui,China is the most famous Rice Protein and Rice Syrup manufacture.

Anhui Kangermei Oil & Fat Co., Ltd.

Anhui Kangermei Oil & Fat Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise mainly engaged in the research, development, production and marketing of a cream of the third generation healthy margarine. Our technology of project has acquired national invention patents.

The project has been included in the 861 action plans by the government of Anhui Province in 2005. In 2006, our company was rated as the leading enterprise of industrialization of agriculture in the city of Lu'an. In February, 2007, Guo Jinlong, the secretary of Anhui Provincial CPC Committee, and Governor Wang Jinshan made important instructions to "Wanmei" brand healthy cream. In May, 2007, our products passed the quality inspection by SGS, and enter into the European market smoothly in October. In April, 2008, our products passed ISO9001, 22000, and HACCP certification. The total planned investment of project is 540 million Yuan, and the first phase is an area of 370 acres and 70 million investments.

Now three production lines have been built and on work, reaching an annual output of 50,000 tons of healthy margarine. Our annual sales income has reached 750 million Yuan. In 2009, our company will build five production lines and reach a target of 220 tons daily and an annual output of 80,000 tons production. Our annual sales income will reach 1.2 billion Yuan. In 2010, our company will further expand the scale of production, and reach an annual output of 150,000 tons of healthy margarine goals and healthy margarine production occupy a certain share of the domestic market to become one of the nation's largest healthy margarine production enterprises.

Our "Wanmei" and "Kangermei" series healthy margarine are our company's leading products, which use the patent technology of "producing margarine with rich linoleum acid and no cholesterol and trans-fatty acid" invented by the Professor Qian Shenqiu of China Science and Technology University, and produced by special techniques with natural high quality edible grease and the upscale food additive. Compared with other brand margarine, the biggest advantage of our products is: no tans-fatty acid and cholesterol, richly contains of the linoleum acid ingredient, and our fatty acid composition achieves the best nutrition ration recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO).

Our products use advanced production crafts and may reserve for a long period. Our products are fragrant and good taste, and also have extremely good solid index and are moldable under different temperature. At present, our company have top grade healthy margarine, super healthy margarine, high quality healthy margarine, nonesuch anhydrous ghee, and high quality anhydrous ghee, which are the necessary raw materials of modern food industry, such as candy, biscuit, and fast-food.

Our "sweetheart" small packing series product is edible healthy margarine, and has 248g, 128g, and 8g of three kinds.

Since May, 2006, our company has been put into operation. After two years of operation, not only our domestic market share has been rising substantially, but also our products on the international market are growing substantially. Our products have entered Japan, South Korea, the Middle East and the United States, as well as other countries and regions. Indicates information has been verified onsite by a certification specialist

Huijia Biochemical International Co., Ltd.

Anhui Huijia Biotechnology Co., Ltd is an investment inviting and attracting enterprise specialized in the production, sales and development of fructose and glucose syrup, maltose syrup, glycolipid, edible protein, non-diary creamer, maltodextrin, glucose powder, rice protein meal and by-products. Our company is located in the Economic Development Zone of Huoshan County of Anhui Province. Our firm is 120km from Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, and only 40km from Liuan Railway Station. We are close to the No.318 Provincial Highway and situated in the intersection of the No.115 National Highway and Shangjing Highway (Shangqiu to Jingdezhen), so the transportation is very convenient. Anhui Huijia Biotechnology Co., Ltd covers an area of 120mu, and our production factory building is nearly 30,000m2 with a total investment up to 80,000,000 Yuan, in which the fixed assets are 56,000,000 Yuan.

Presently, our company holds 156 workers, including 28 senior and junior professional and technical staff members. Our annual production capacity realizes 180 million Yuan (RMB) output value, profit and tax amount reaches 17 million Yuan (RMB) and we earn a revenue of 5 million USD in foreign exchange.

With the state-of-the-art dual enzymes sugar refining process and excellent equipment, the starch syrup series products produced by Anhui Huijia Biotechnology Co., Ltd are of high and stable quality and have been widely recognized by most customers. Our company annually produces 60,000 tons of starch syrup and transforms rice over 60,000 tons. Our main products thereof sell well in East China and radiate all over the country. Our by-product protein meal is exported to South Korea. All of these make Anhui Huijia Biotechnology Co., Ltd the largest enterprise of transforming rice to sugar. Our company has a substantial technical force, and we have cooperative relations with nearly ten universities and colleges and R&D institutions including China Fermentation Industry Association, Nanjing University, Yixing Youbang Machine Co., Ltd, Anhui Provincial Industrial Engineering Designing Institute and West Anhui University. Much practical experience has been accumulated in the production of starch sugar.

Since our foundation, Anhui Huijia Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been attached great importance and supported by the related authorities of the county, city and the province, and high opinion and approval are given to our company. We have been awarded as an agricultural industrial leading company and a star enterprise of attracting and inviting investments at the county, city and provincial levels. Anhui Huijia Biotechnology Co., Ltd will persistently adhere to the operation policy of "Quality first and customer uppermost" to satisfy customers' requirements with the best quality products and optimum services. Indicates information has been verified onsite by a certification specialist

Huijia Bio-tech Co.,Ltd

Our company located in Anhui,China is the most famous Rice Protein and Rice Syrup manufacture.