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  • Nanjing Aike Pump Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, we are committed to doing the screw pump R & D world class manufacturing technology production enterprise, we not only pay attention to the screw pump products manufactured before about the product flow, pressure, vibration, noise, shaft power and other related performance parameters and test work simulation customers use condition, maintain and implementation of the national standard GB/T10886-2002 and screw pump machinery industry standard JB/T 8091 - 1998, to ensure strict experiments and tests for each manufactured products, to customers at ease to use, we made to you in the selection of screw pump products you can trust and rely on a partner, with screw pump product performance reliable for you. From the traditional industry to emerging industries, to system solutions from a single pump unremittingly, development of new products and new ideas, and control technology of hydraulic fluid, oil pumping accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, can provide high performance of screw pump and reliable products for customers. Products have three screw pump, screw pump, screw pump three categories, as many as 500 varieties, is one of the technical strength of enterprises and domestic production of three screw pump, screw pump more varieties. Screw pump products are mainly selling are as follows: three screw pump with 3G three screw pump, screw pump, 3GH three 3GL three 3GF three screw pump, screw pump, screw pump 3Gr three, 3GC three ships with three screw pump, 3GCL vertical ship with 3GS three screw pump, double suction three screw pump, three screw 3GBW insulation pump, 3GJ suspension immersion type three screw pump, 3G series three screw pumps. SNH three screw pump, screw pump, SNS three SNF three HSNH three screw pump, screw pump, screw pump, HSNS three HSNF three HSND three screw pump, screw pump, screw pump, HSJ three HSM three QSNH three screw pump, screw pump, screw pump, QSNS three QSNF three QSNBW three screw pump, screw pump three, CSNH CSNS three screw pump, screw pump, screw pump, CSNF three YSNH three YSNS three screw pump, screw pump, screw pump, YSNF three NSNH three NSNS three screw pump, screw pump, NSNF three screw pump, SN series three screw pumps. SMH high-pressure fuel fired three screw pump, screw pump, SMS pressure three SMF high voltage three screw pump, SME pressure three screw pump, SM series high pressure fuel fired three screw pump products. Replace imported products HSG three screw pump, screw pump, HSP three SPF three HSD three screw pump, screw pump, screw pump HSS three, HST three screw pump, five auxiliary series and derived HSNJ three screw pump, HSMJ three screw pump two hydroelectric governor special series, double screw pump with 2G double screw pump 2GH double screw pump, screw pump, 2GL, 2GF double screw pump, 2GRN double screw pump, 2Ga double screw pump, 2Gb double screw pump, 2GS double screw pump, 2GaS double screw pump, 2GbS double screw pump, 2HM double screw pump, 2HE double screw pump, 2HR double screw pump oil and gas, 2MPS multiphase twin-screw pump, 2HH double screw pump, 2HC double screw pump, 2HG double screw pump, 2GM double screw pump, HWS double screw pump, HWD double screw pump, HMS double screw pump, 2W.W double screw pump, W double screw pump, V double screw pump, HW double screw pump, YW twin screw pump series single suction double screw pump. We also comply with special requirements of customers and market, according to the special working conditions and the use of the environment, provides a continuous screw pump product development design and manufacture more special purpose and installation for the user, especially in the three screw pump, high pressure pump and the design of ultra high pressure ignition level of the three screw pump and manufacturing process, to achieve oil pump start-up burner even more than the international advanced level.
  • Huangshan Yongjia Elec-light Technology Co.,Ltd, invested by Huangshan Yongjia Group which is top 500 enterprise in China and top 50 enterprise in Anhui province, with Chemistry Industry Plant which is state-owned, with Science and Technology Agency of Anhui. We specialized in the research, production and sales of forefront energy-saving LED lighting series.
  • Chengyi Metal Co., Ltd. Huangshan City, located in She county, at the feet of the word-famous Huangshan mountain, a historical and cultural cities. Chengyi Metal is specialized in manufacturing aluminum clad steel wire, aluminum clad steel strand, galvanized steel wire, galvanized steel strand and patented steel wire. Our campany enjoy a goods reputation in domestic market.

Huangshan Hometree Lighting Co., Ltd.

Huangshan Hometree-lighting Co., Ltd is a professional production of energy-saving fluorescent tubes of export-oriented high-tech enterprise technology, with assets of 150 million, the staff of about people, including professional research and development staff of 76 people, all college degree or above. Have at present domestic advanced automatic production line article 12, long line production line article 6. Now the daily production capacity of more than 200000 cigarettes. The company product specifications diversified development, professional production of U type tubes as many as dozens of specifications, including ultraviolet lamp, ZiGuangDeng, plant growth lamp, combination big power lights, lead-free environmental protection series products and electronic insertion tube product.
The company has its own research and development team, now get 2 patents and five patents of utility model authorized, have a provincial key new product, 3 high-tech products. In 2009 the national innovation fund for project.

Anhui Wonderful Electron Co.,Ltd.

Anhui Wonderful Electron Co., Ltd is one of the biggest professional and excellent manufacturer of energy saving lamp in Anhui Province, China. Our company established in 1996. We are experienced in producing all kinds of energy savers, especially in U&Spiral shape. The factory is located in Huangshan city, near Shanghai and Hangzhou, and it''s very convenient for shipping goods.
Welcome all the friends and customers come to visit our company!

Huangshan Shangke Leisure Products Co., Ltd.

Our company is located at the foot of Huangshan in Anhui Province. We are 1km away from high-speed Hui-Hang Highway Exit. The transportation is very convenient.

Huangshan Shangke Leisure Products Co., Ltd. is professional in manufacturing all kinds of plastic mats and straw mats.

Our products include beach mats, carpet mats, tour mats, haji mats, advertisement mats, straw mats, cushions, etc. All the products can be made as per customers' designs. Our products are of stable quality. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions.

Meanwhile, we are one of the biggest suppliers for Wal-Mart and other large purchasing companies.

Our well-qualified technical force ensures exquisite workmanship and stable quality. With the tenet of "Quality first and good credit standing", we provide high quality products and reliable service. We welcome all domestic and overseas customers to visit our company.

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Huangshan Hongya Chemical Co., Ltd.

Huangshan Hongya Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional producer of textile finishing agent,like silicone oil, spin finish oil and anti-static agent. The headquarter of our company is located in Xiuning County, Huangshan City.

Huangshan Hongya Chemical Co., Ltd has a complete and scientific system of quality management, and also our quality products are recognized by clients in the industry. We warmly welcome you to visit Huangshan Hongya Chemical Co., Ltd. for guidance and business negotiation.

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Huangshan Lishen Commodity Co., Ltd.

ves the super-excellent international company, build up high status for China enterprises in the world, create social values and contribute for the innovation, development and progress of mankind.

eople have been oriented at the market demands, considering hi-tech as the start point, professionals as our souls, innovation and development as our objectives. Our company has constantly launched new products and SHENKE series of electric mats, electric mosquito-repellent incense, electric heaters and aerosol pesticide made by advanced hi-tech b...

Lishen, established in 2005 as a company operating as per mode enterprise system, is engaged in public sanitary products, plastic products and electric products. For years, Lishen people have been oriented at the market demands, considering hi-tech as the start point, professionals as our souls, innovation and development as our objectives. Our company has constantly launched new products and SHENKE series of electric mats, electric mosquito-repellent incense, electric heaters and aerosol pesticide made by advanced hi-tech biotechnology and ecological materials instead of materials harmful for both environment and human beings. They are considered the ideal guards in your routine life.

As a sci-tech innovation enterprise, Lishen has kept sound, steady and rapid growth in the past few years and our products sell well in over 40 countries and regions across the world.

Now our enterprise has 120 employees, 90% of whom are technicians and management personnel having received tertiary education. We have set up a dedicated, high-efficiency and well-experienced professional team since the establishment. Lishen lives up to the principle of "behaving first and working second", and the core philosophy of "unwearied hard work for constant innovation and super-excellence to constantly improve sales performance".

In the future, Lishen will effectively carry out investment and development strategy to make oursel

Huangshan Jinkengyuan Industrial and Trading Co. Ltd

Huangshan Jinkengyuan Industrial and Trading was established in 2011 with a registered capital of $1.6 million, covering an area of 20,000 square meters. We are integrated in the production and sales of all kinds of paper cups, linmo paper, paper lunch boxes and related paper products.

Relying on beautiful designs, wide varieties, great quality, reasonable price, excellent service and timely delivery, our products are sold throughout the country, as well as in Europe, the US, the Middle East, Japan and South Korea.

To know more, contact us today.

Huangshan Massage Supplies Co., Ltd.

Huangshan Massage Supplies Co.,Ltd., is one of the leading manufacturer of portable massage products in China. We obtain abudunt experience as well as good knowledge of ergonomics in the design idea, we adopt advanced design software to make our massage table and chair be always in the frontline of modern fashion and comfortable for use, thus enable us to keep in pace with modern fashion. We also pay great attention to the harmonious relationship with the environment-thus we are endeavoring in designing the table with environment-friendly materials. We own two factories, the productionn capacity and R&D capability ranks the top among our mainland industry. M.S. and Sukar are our famous brand. We also OEM for our overseas customers, to help them to introduce our products into the worldwide global supermarket such as Walmart, Tesco, Carrefour and so on. Our products have been strictly CE certified and SGS tested. We strictly adhere to the motto of Quality Best, Customer First . We sincerely welcome overseas friends as well as customers contact us for our long terms business cooperation.

Huangshan Sunnytech International Co., Ltd

Our 20,000 square meter factory located in Anhui province Huangshan city , we have 16 production lines, the monthly capacity is 800 tons of wood plastic composite. our factory have the R&D and QC department ,the outdoor WPC decking has exported to more 15 countries .