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Xinjiang Wanxuanqiantiao Agriculture Co., Ltd.

Our company was established in 2004, with our aim of "to become the No.1 manufacturer of sun dried tomato in China". With 7 years' development, our company now achieves our original goal.

In 2011, our total output of sun dried tomato products (including halves, strips, dices and powder) was 600MT. In 2012, with our factory area expanding from 120,000sqm to 187,000sqm, our production ability will reach 1000MT.

While we're making great process in sun dried tomato manufacture, we also focus on some other agricultural products like dried chili, red dates and walnuts. All these products are rich outputted right here in Xinjiang, due to the unique climate and geographic environment. Indicates information has been verified onsite by a certification specialist