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Hangjinhouqi Weiye Trading Co., Ltd.

Hangjinhouqi Weiye Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005. Our main business is the processing and distribution of sunflower seed kernels and pumpkin seed kernels (shine skin and grown without shell). Our company has highly-qualified and experienced management teams and technical personnel to ensure the products are of high standards.

In order to meet customers' demands, our company has implemented automated production from the removal of shells to the packaging of finished products, while maintaining the freshness and nutritional value of the seeds. Hangjinhouqi Weiye Trading Co., Ltd. has two automatic production lines operating at their plant. Currently, our company's plant processes 30 metric tons of pumpkin seed kernels and sunflower seed kernels daily. Our annual output of pumpkin seed kernel GWS, pumpkin seed kernel shine skin and sunflower seed is 8,000 metric tons, 3,000 metric tons and 15,000 metric tons, respectively. Our products are sold locally and exported all over the world including Germany, Britain, Australia, the Netherlands and Canada.

Hangjinhouqi Weiye Trading Co., Ltd. got No-Social Effects Pollution Production on 1,600 Hectare Property. We aim to provide quality products intentionally as well as locally. To achieve this, our company buys only high-quality seeds and processes each individual seed by using international approval quality control equipment including British Buhler color selector machines, ultraviolet sterilization equipment, metal detectors and X-ray machines made in the USA. As a result of our company's dedication in providing high-quality products, Chinese Government has appreciated our efforts. We have got HACCP and ISO9000 approvals. Furthermore, our company is also dedicated to providing high-quality products.

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