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  • Helping make your life healthier and easier! With the advantage of unpolluted environment and high product quality, we have developed significantly. Now we are one of the leading suppliers of Frozen Seafoods. We specialize in processing all kinds of frozen seafoods. Our main products are all kinds of Frozen Fish Fillet and Shrimp. Such as Frozen Tilapia Fillets, Frozen Whole Round Tilapia, Frozen Gutted and Scaled Tilapia, Frozen Vannamei Shrimp, Frozen Squid products, Frozen Golden Pompano etc. Our factory owns advanced production equipment and experienced management personnel. All facilities within our factory meets the sanitary management system requirements; all production is conducted in safe sanitary condition. Our factory is EU approval, US FDA registered, and HACCP, BAP, BRC, ISO, Global GAP certified. During all the steps of production, from raw material receiving, processing, packing to loading, there is comprehensive monitoring to make sure our product is safe and traceable. Before product is dispatched out of factory, we will conduct strict quality inspection and laboratory testing. We aim to supply our partners with the highest quality product at competitive price all year round. Our quality policy:first-rate quality, first-rate administration, firt-rate technology,worldwide markets. *A distinctive & reliable food partner. *Besides the quality products, we offer solutions, satisfaction, and profits.
  • Good morning ! dear Sir/ Madam, As a manufacturer, HAINAN CHENGHE CHEMICAL CO., LTD. has successfully established close relationship with the customers in more than thirty countries and regions of the world and gained great reputation among the clients. With the advance technical and self-contained exam facilities, our products win the stable quality in Chemicals, Cosmetic raw material, Herbs, Pharmaceutical Raw Material . Please visit our website http://www.hnchc.com , you will find our products interesting and useful. If you have any interest on them or others not listed here, please feel free to contact us asap. (1) Herbs: Cigarette Flavors Of Chinese Origin Nd 14031 Cigarette Flavors Of Chinese Origin Nd 19563 Tobacco Flavor And Casing Casing For Tobacco Sheet Casing For Tobacco Stem Tobacco Additive Fish collagen peptide Kelp Extract Solution 5:1 Zeaxanthin 5% , 10% , 20% 40% Goji berry Sheep Placenta Extract Active Powder Yetame Jojoba Oil Guai-Azulene Methylene Blue Aloe Gel Spray Dried Powder 100:1 Aloe Gel Freeze Dried Powder 200:1 Aloe Whole Leaf S.Ppd 100:1 Aloe Whole Leaf F.Dpd 100:1 Aloe Flower Extract Aloe Whole Leaf Extract Coco Glucoside Lauryl Glucoside Nystatine (2) Pharmaceutical raw material: 1,1-diphenylbutane -2-sulfonic acid, purity : 98% min 2-Propanamine-1-chloro-N,N-dimethyl-hydrochloride CAS No:17256-39-2 3-BUTYN-2-OL 3-HEXYN-2-OL Resveratrol Oxyresveratrol Pterostilbene Rhapontigenin Isorhapontigenin Piceatannol 4-HydroxyResveratrol 4,3',5'-Trihydroxy resveratrol Lamotrigine Lovastatin Nystatine Oxiracetam Lactic Acid Usp25 Laurocapram ( For Cosmetic Application) Maltol 99.0% Min,Fcciii L-Norvaline 98% Min Dl-Alaninol 99% Min D-Phenylglycinol 99% Min D-Alaninol 99% Min D-Phenylalaninol 99% Min D-Prolinol 99% Min L-Valinol 99% Min D-Valinol 98% Min L-Isoleucinol 98% Min L-2-Amino-Propanol 99% Min L-Leucinol 99% Min L-Methioninol 99% Min Phloridzin 90% Alpha-Arbutin Kojic Acid 99% Min Phytic Acid 50% Min Itaconic Acid Methylene Blue Capsaicin Usp27 Alpha Bisabolol ( It Is A Natural Product ) Antipyrine Usp26 Iminostilbene Carbonyl Chloride Xanthan Gum Usp24 Xylitol Usp25/Fcciv (3) Chemical: Artificial Corundum Antimony Trioxide 99.5% Min Antimony Trioxide Coated With Chlorinated Paraffin 99.5% Min Ilmenite Concentrate Monazite Concentrate Indigo Sodium Fluoride Bone Glue Gelatin Gelatine 80/90 Bloom Mesh 40 - Kosher Material Gelatin 200 Bloom Food Grade Pork Origin Diethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether 1-Naphthol ( Alpha-Naphthol ) 1-Naphthol-5-Sulfonic Acid ( L-Acid ) P-Benzoquinone Sulphanilic Acid refined grade PE-68/(Tetra Bromo Bisphenol A (2,3-Dibromo-Propyl) Ether) Sodium Hexametaphosphate P-Toluene Sulfonamide(Ptsa) DL-Tartaric Acid Anhydrous (4) Polytetrafluoroethylene ---Ptfe: Ptfe Finely Granular Powder For Moulding Chc-1 Grade Ptfe Resin For Paste Extrusion Disperse Resin Ptfe Chc-3 Grade Ptfe Resin Paints Chc-5 Grade Ptfe Concentrated Solution Chc-6 Grade We Are Looking Forward To Hearing From You Soon. Have A Nice Day! Linda Lin / Manager ******************************************************************** HAINAN CHENGHE CHEMICAL CO., LTD ADD: HAIKEN ROAD, HAIKOU, HAINAN ,CHINA P.C.: 570125 FAX: 0086-898-68585855 TEL : 0086-898- 68591566 E-MAIL: cnchc@vip.163.com QQ: 1962280909 http://www.hnchc.com ********************************************************************

Hainan Litree Purifying Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1992, Litree Enterprises (Litree) has been recognized as a leading designer and manufacturer of the finest hollow fiber Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes and membrane modules in Asia.In business for about 20 years, Litree has earned an industry-wide reputation as a supplier of quality and high performance UF membranes.Litree UF membrane products are widely used in industrial water treatment, municipal tap water and rural water supply, and residential water purification.

Litree is comprised of two manufacturing facilities in Haikou, Hainan province and Suzhou, Jiangsu province.The facilities can supply 3, 000, 000 square meters (32, 300, 000 square feet) of UF membrane per year.All of the membranes are available in standard and customized sizes.From the very beginning, the founders of Litree have taken to heart that the quality of product and services is the key to the company´S success.To continually improve the quality of membranes, Litree has put substantial effort into researching and developing its leading-edge UF membrane system.Litree has established two research centers focused on grandiose UF membrane and equipment.Litree also have long-term membrane research partnerships with several United States and Chinese universities/research institutions.

Litree take pride in designing and manufacturing the right product to meet customer´S specific application requirements, make the experience with Litree efficient, effective and even enjoyable.

Hainan Noruto Building Hardware

Manufacture and exporter for solid brass, zinc alloy, aluminum and stainless steel hardware or products which used for industrial, building decoration and marine, such as bracket, bolts, carpet holders, curtain hardware, door stopper, flange, handrail fitting, glass clips, hinge for the toilet seat, window handle, hook, mail box, number, tube, sign plate etc. We're special at die-casting, pressure-die, precision-die. We have a lot of color for surface, such as polished, chrome, gold, satin, satin chrome, black nickel etc. Customer's design and samples are welcomed.

Hainan Sanjiarunye Trading Co., Ltd.

Hainan SanJiaRunYe Trading Co., Ltd., was set up in 2006. It has developed into a comprehensive foreign trade private enterprise with ISO9000 authenticate, 20 million RMB registered capital, 50 million RMB total assets. It's engaging in manufacturing and trading. Company's headquarter is located in Haikou, Hainan province. It establishes general manager office, finance department, business department, production & technology department and service department. Export is our company's main running character, scopes of business of company are: Metals minerals, special and local product, articles of daily use, mechanical and electrical products, car accessories, etc.

Mineral aspect: Main export production: Silicon manganese, ferro silicon, silicon metal, etc. Main import productions are manganese ores with various kinds of specification produced in Australia.

Special and local product aspect: Main import and export products are pepper, coffee, etc.

In 2007, company had exported ferroalloy 15, 000 tons, proceeds of sale over USD 10 million, tax payment 1.5 million RMB. This year's export total sales is 35% higher than that of the last year, it is well above the same trades. Our products are much sought after in the markets of Southeast Asia(Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia), Middle East and Europe each country because of Company's professional marketers make the best of extensive network, rely on the leading quality brand advantage in international market, and guarantee with stable domestic producer and supplier. Up to now, Hainan SanJiaRunYe Trading Co., Ltd has been recognized by all Cooperation partners and appraised very well.

Tomorrow, all SanJiaRunYe people will use our own wisdom and ability, adhere to our Operation Principle of three best ----- Best quality, Best service, Best reputation, and go on to look for new aims. We're sincerely expecting to have a partnership with you to accelerate common development.

hainan cocosea wool textile co.,ltd

we are factory which specialize on manufacture raschel blanket,Our product made by 100% polyester , Raschel quality ,warming and and shielding are the function of our product .,there are variety of the specification .such as 140X200CM/160X220CM/200X240CM/220X240CM etc. the package always according to buyer's request .

Hainan Guangyu Bio-technology Co.,Ltd

Hainan Guangyu Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is the only domestic, vertically integrated Bio Cellulose (bacterial cellulose, aka BC) base material producer with its own intellectual properties, R&D, design, production facilities and sales organization. The company has successfully developed patented bacterial cellulose gel face mask (Chinese patent number:ZL200610075040.8),making Bio Cellulose (bacterial cellulose) a unique base material for cosmetics applications. The company also pioneers the use of bacterial cellulose in facial masks. The patent has won numeral accolades such as the ???11th Chinese patent Excellence Award???, the ???National Science and Technology Progress Award???, and the ???11-5 Chinese Science and Technology Planning Execution Contribution Award.??? With its knowledge, technology know-how and multiple patents in the area of Bio Cellulose, Hainan Guangyu Biotechnology has created a hot topic in the research and applications of bacterial cellulose in cosmetics, medical device, pharmaceutical, and membrane materials. It has become the leader in Bio Cellulose technology! The motto of our company is to constantly provide our customers with innovative products through relentless pursue of excellence in R&D.

Hainan Huayan Biotech Co., Ltd.

Hainan Huayan Biotech Co., Ltd., Ltd., which is a high-tech enterprise, was built in July, 2005 in Hainan Island of China, specializing in studying, exploring, manufacturing and marketing of fish collagen and its related products.

Because of the good ecological environment, local fish products are of very high quality. A big quantity of fish products is sold all over the world each year. This guarantees the supply of the raw materials of high quality for Huayan to manufacture fish collagen.

Huayan uses fresh fish skins and scales to manufacture fish collagen through enzymatic engineering and spray drying, 500MT per year, including food grade and cosmetic grade. Because of good raw materials, advanced technology and strict QC system, fish collagen produced by Huayan is of very high quality. It is completely water soluble. Fat, ash and heavy metal contents are very low.
Huayan's fish collagen is extracted completely from fresh fish scales and fish skins. Therefore Huayan's fish collagen is free of hazards of BSE, FMD and bird flu and has high biological safety. The fish collagen finds wide applications in health food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

HongKong ZhongSheng INT CO;LTD

Hongkong Zhongsheng International Co., Ltd. (HKZS) is a multifunctional group, company registered in Hongkong which operates as the link between the producers of chemical commodities and the manufacturing industry.
HKZS takes marketing and distribution for producers of chemicals, saving them the costs and risks of building their own distribution network.
Since the establishment, HKZS ,staffed with a young professional team, has been striving to satisfy our customers worldwide through a good understanding of their individual and distinctive needs and providing value-added services.
HKZS pays high attention to pre-sales and after-sales service while competitive prices and financial support are based on their principle High Efficiency and Quality First, .
HKZS supplies a wide range of quality raw materials. Our manufacturer suppliers are carefully selected to provide quality products as follows classes:
1.Inorganic Chemicals
2.Organic Chemicals
3.Food & Feed Additives
4.Water Treatments
5.Flame Retardants
6.Agricultural raw materials
HKZS controls the entire process of moving goods from factories to final destinations worldwide. All our shipments are supervised to ensure cargos arrive in good condition at final destination.

Based on our professional and experienced team, HKZS grows steadily and has developed sustainable partnerships with many key-suppliers as well as with their customers.
HKZS considers our customers'' satisfaction as their biggest reward

Hainan NicePal Industry Co.,Ltd.

HAINAN NICEPAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD is affiliated with HAINAN TRENDLEAD GROUP CO., LTD, Found in 1996, with the professional R&D and production of tropical fruit powder series by world-leading spray drying technology. The main tropical fruits powder are papaya raw powder, coconut raw powder, pineapple raw powder\pumpkin raw powder, banana raw powder etc.. Our company locates in Haikou City, Hainan Island, owning more than twenty thousand square meters of modern workshops and the modern spray drying production line. Our tropical fruit powders are domestic leading innovative products, being widely used as ingredient of stuffing ice cream, fillings, solid beverage, cookie, cake, sauce, instant milk powder , baby food as well as sweet , pudding , cooking food etc.
Since the outset of its foundation, we have long adhered to the business philosophies of Honest to the world, Beneficial to the nation and the people . Through our effort, we have built NicePal worldwide brand champions of tropical fruit powder and R&D manufacturing center. The Group''s supply_production_marketing system has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification and obtained export food production enterprise qualification authentication
We sincerely hope to cooperation with friends and companies at different walks of life so as to achieve the win-win situation.

Kangyijia (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Limited

Kangyijia (HongKong) Industrial is a professional manufacturer and exporter integrated in the design, development and production of beauty equipment and fitness equipment. Our main products include spa equipment, sauna and hydro equipment, solarium machines and massage equipment.

We have a factory occupying 20,000 square meters and 50 experienced engineers who develop new products to keep pace with the market trends. Our products are exported to Europe, the US and Africa.

We have set up overseas offices in Lebanon. The delivery time of our products is seven to 10 days after the confirmation of order. For more details, contact us today.