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Guangxi Yuanchen Manganese Industry Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Yuanchen Manganese Industry Co., Ltd. is a large domestic holding manufacturing enterprise of chemo-industrial series products of Yuanchen (Beijing) International Investment Group. We were registered and established in Guiping City of Guangxi Province in April, 2005, with a total investment of 0.4 billion Yuan. The production line of 30-thousand-ton manganese sulfate monohydrate at Phase I has been established and put into production and the production lines with an annual production capacity of 3.6-thousand-ton manganese oxides (Mn:31.8%min) and 20-thousand-ton manganous-manganic oxides (HG/T2835-1997 Standard) have been finished and put into production in 2011. The feasibility demonstration has been completed and our enterprise is the key enterprise in Guangxi Zhuang Nationality Autonomous Region.

Our plant is located in Mugui Town, Guiping City, Guangxi Province and Mugui Town is known as the "Capital of Manganese". Our plant, which is designed by Guangxi Industrial Construction and Design Institute, covers an area of 400mu. The layout is reasonable and orderly.

Our company has abundant capitals and resources, with the mining right of 8.5-million-ton manganese mines. Our company has several patent technologies which have been patented on loose-soft manganese mine deep-processing developed by our company. This technology which is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, safe and practical is in the leading position both at home and aboard, wining Gold Prize at 2008 Hong Kong International Patented Invent Fair. Compared with the similar domestic and overseas products, our products have such features as high quality, low costs and stable performances, so they are very competitive in the markets and have a great outlook on development. The successful development of project patented technology not only creates a new approach for the exploitation and appreciation of low-grade loose-soft manganese mine resources which are difficult to utilize effectively for years, but also brings good economic and social benefits.

Our company advocates the tenet of "being honest, normative and harmonious". Our company has established a standard and scientific management system of production operation and technical quality assurance according to modern advanced enterprise standards. Our company will bring the advantages of resources, technology, management and service into full play, implementing brand strategy, focusing on domestic market and expanding the international market. We plan to build our company into the largest chemo-industrial production base of manganese in Asia within 3 to 5 years.

The production line of manganese sulfate monohydrate which has been put into production has an annual production capacity of 30 thousand tons of industrial grade (HG/T2962-1999 Standard) and feed grade (HG/T2936-1999 Standard) manganese sulphate (MnSO4.H2o:98.5%min). Based on the principle of "faith-oriented and customer-first", our company regards customers as the first and foremost factors, meeting the demands of customers as possible and producing satisfactory products for customers. Our company sincerely welcomes clients to visit our company, call us or write to us for business negotiation. We look forward to establishing long-standing stable and strategic partnerships with enterprises at a certain scale. Indicates information has been verified onsite by a certification specialist