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Beijing Kaida-Hengye Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Beijing Kaida Hengye Agricultural Technology Co. Ltd, is experienced manufacturer of fruits and veggie snacks with high quality and competitive price.
Our factory has passed HACCP, ISO standard. Our products are granted Kosher certification, and 95% of products exported to Japan, Korea, Canada, the United States and Europe.

Our main products of fruit snacks are: Apple chips, Yellow Peach chips, Strawberries, Kiwi fruits and Banana crisps.
Vegetable snacks are: Pumpkin chips, Sweet Potato chips, Purple Potato chips, Taro chip, Carrot chips, Black Mushroom chips, Green Bean, Okra, Mixed veggie chips and more. Our clients appreciated its unique crisp flavor, numerous variety and rich nutrients. Our products are free from preservatives, additives and is good for the environment.

Xiangdoudou is our sub-plant that specializes in manufacturing soybean curd sheets/yuba tofu skin. The products divided into frozen bean curd skin, Yuba, and drid bean curd three series of more than 50 varieties. Our products have received ISO, HACCP, QS, organic certificate, and 95% of them exported to Japan, Korea, Canada, the United States. Our plant combined the traditional crafts and Japan's advanced technology and managemnt method. Good quality assurance of our soybean curd sheets has gained the worldwide market for our company.

Our production capacity per year is 540 ton for vegetable and fruit chips snacks, and 500 ton for bean curd tofu products. With qualified products and perfect service, we meet different needs from customers. We do hope to promote these products with your co-operation in your region. Authenticated and Audited.