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Dongguan City Yongcun Electronics Co., Ltd.

Yongcun Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier specialized in terminals and connectors. We have been providing excellent services and quality electrical terminals and connectors worldwide for nearly three decades. The vast range of our production, excellent quality, and competitive price had made us to be one of the fastest growing companies of this market in China.

Yongcun Electronics Co., Ltd. has brought excellent quality and low price to a perfect balance. Currently, we have increased our production capability. Quality control standards are being raised and improved to meet the growing international demands. We have greatly expanded our market year by year and we now have satisfied customers all over the world.

Most of our products are ISO 9001:2008 certified or UL listed. To ensure the quality of our products, strict quality controls are implemented on every level of our production line. Drawing examination, material quality control, production control, shipment control, final product quality control and efficient stock management ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Yongcun Electronics Co., Ltd. is also specialized in producing newly design terminals, everything down to the basic product design, mould design to re-engineered machinery. We are highly experienced in creating and modifying equipment for special new products. Our endless effort has maximized our efficiency and production capabilities.

1. Nylon insulated terminals-double crimps, vinyl insulated terminals-double crimps, nylon insulated terminals-single crimps, vinyl insulated terminals-single crimps, non-insulated terminals, and copper lugs;

2. Ring terminals, spade terminals, flange spade terminals, licking spade terminals, hook terminals, blade terminals, lipped blade terminals, pin terminals, tubular lugs terminals, female quick disconnects, male quick disconnects, fully insulated female quick disconnects, fully insulated male quick disconnects, bullet-female quick disconnects, bullet-male quick disconnects, piggy back quick disconnects, flag female quick disconnects, closed end connects, butt splice connectors, quick splice connectors, wire nut connects, terminal block strips, cord end terminals, cord end terminals twin cables type, ratchet hand tools, wire strippers, hydraulic hand tools, crimping machines, wiring accessories, cable ties, insulation housing, terminals sleeves for terminals & tubule lugs, DIN46234 terminals, DIN46237 terminals, and battery modular connectors;

3. Wire to wire connectors
1.0 pitch 4.14mm;
1.3 pitch 4.5mm;
1.58 pitch 3.68mm, 4.8mm;
2.0 pitch 6.2mm;
2.1 pitch 6.35mm;
2.36 pitch 6.3mm, 5.03mm, 6.7mm

4. Wire to board connectors

5. Board to board or board-in connectors

6. Wire to wire connectors

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