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GF&A Biotech Development Company Limited

GF&A Biotech Development Company Limited. was established in june 2001. Registered capital is: 10 million yuan, and it is also the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Chuxiong state. Our company is situated in green food Industrial Park of Chuxiong development zones, who occupies 18466.759 square meter. Including a manufacturing shop of 7000 square meter ,a refrigeration house of 1800square meter ,a freeze-drying production line of 200square meter ; We also have a 1000 acres German demonstration base of rice-onion planting,A HuaZhen Sweet-Corn base of 10000 acres,A onion planting base of 200 acres.We are a comprehensive green food and health food enterprise, which contains cultivation, production, purchase , process and sell; 2011,we have passed the recheck of ISO9001,ISO2200(HACCP,GMP, and got through FDA registration, and obtained << Health registration certificate of export food enterprise>>,as well as <<Record card of planting base>>
At present, we have four kinds of products:
1.Freeze-drying garden stuff : FD parsley,FD German rice-onion,FD onion,FD mushroom,FD mushroom,FD HuaZhen sweet corn,FD green soya bean,FD fruits.
2.Oven dry garden stuff: AD Chinese onion,AD bolete, and so on.
3.Quick-freeze fungoid: quick-freeze HuaZhen sweet corn,quick-freeze peas,quick-freeze bolete, and so on.
4.Health food: QinTong tea (Main row material is burdock) Authenticated and Audited.

Yunnan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.

Yunnan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (Yunti) was established on August 13th, 2009. We are located in Kisc Industrial Area, Tuguan Town, Lufeng County, Chuxiong Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province, which is 70 kilometers away from Kunming City. We are specialized in processing and manufacturing titanium coil and titanium alloy products. Yunti is a subsidiary of Kunming Iron & Steel Holding Ltd. (Kisc).

Panzhihua Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yunnan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.

We have successfully researched and developed the first cold rolled wide Ti-coil, with a complete set of cold rolled and hot rolled titanium coil/plate surface processing line.

The first-stage construction of titanium processing industry was put into production in June 2010. Yunit has a complete production line of cold rolled titanium strip coils, with a number of patented inventions. The second-stage construction of EB furnace titanium ingot smelting project has 2 construction points. Tuguan titanium ingot project of Yunti was put into production in Jan. 2012. The current production capacity is 4,000 tons/year. Panzhihua titanium ingot was put into production in July 2012. The designed production capacity is 3,500 tons/year. Our long-term planning of titanium production capacity is 20,000 tons/year.

Yunti products: titanium and titanium alloy slabs, hot rolled titanium coil /plates, cold rolled titanium coils/plates, hot rolled wide thick plates, pure titanium and titanium alloy wire rods (Grades: TA1, TA2 and TC4). Our products are mainly used for chemical equipment, hydropower and thermal power, oceaneering, sea water desalination, apparatus, titanium tableware products and so on.

Yunti adheres to the tenet of "Quality-Oriented, Customers Foremost, Integrity, Win-Win". We make every effort to provide customers with high quality products and services.

Authenticated and Audited.